To be installed in the new rogers arena, 42 foot circle mosaic. “Created by Aboriginal artist Alex Janvier, the artwork, Tsątsąke k’e (Iron Foot Place), evokes the Edmonton landscape and honours its continuing legacy as a meeting place. Janvier was selected from a prequalified list of Canadian and international artists to create an immense artwork for Edmonton’s newest public space. Janvier will translate his tile mosaic to be inset in the Winter Garden floor.” “The painting pays respect to the land area where Edmonton is located, highlighting the colours of beautiful sky, the stories of the area, and clear waters from far away mountains. The white areas depict the coverage of the winter snowfalls and also the many days of clear skies. Eventually by spring all the snow will melt away. Then comes spring weather, delightful flowers, and farming begins on new life surrounding the city. When the beautiful blue skies become covered with rainy clouds they bring a refreshing blessing to the earth life of plants, and other living things flying or living on the ground. Stunning river valley scenery adds more beauty to the area. All roads lead to the area, Edmonton, as it is a central destiny for all who came before, and who came after. – Alex Janvıer, February 25, 2015.