(Portion by Nancy on website) This piece represents our relationship to the great mystery through the visual dissemination of oral traditions, as well as our perspectives as Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee womxn living in urban centres. The images that we create respond to the stories our elders have told and honour the beginning of everything. We are grateful everyday for the sacrifices made by nigig and mskwaadesi, as well as all the other animals, to maintain and nourish human life after sky woman fell down to turtle island. This piece is a nod to our respective creation stories and the distinctions between the stories told in various communities. We also give thanks to the Thunderbirds, which are Manitous (spirits) made by the creator to look after Mother Earth’s health by bringing thunder, lightning, rain and wind that cleanse the land. They give our mother a drink when she is thirsty and keep her soils fertile and fruitful so that all of creation can thrive. Their sole purpose is to ensure that mother Earth is protected. From Spring to Fall they bring many cleansings, but in the Winter they rest. This is a time when the Northern lights, a gift that has been ascribed to the Thunderbirds, become prevalent. Growing from the concrete of Underpass park and up up up to sky world, are large vibrant floral designs that incorporate Haudenosaunee beadwork influences and Anishinaabe woodland style painting. This infusion of styles represents our sisterhood and the beauty that grows from womxn to womxn empowerment. In addition to this, the florals also serve as contemporary visual evidence of the Ojibway-Haudenosaunee Friendship Belt, which is a wampum belt created to solidify the peace and friendship established between the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabeg.