“Located at the newly constructed Mill Woods Seniors Centre and Multicultural Facility in Edmonton, AB. this mural captures the essence of what it feels like to be surrounded by nature. Aspen and birch trees come to life with a path that leads the viewer into the forest. Milled Wood creates an intimate space within a busy setting. Off-cuts of 2×4 spruce were cut, sanded, and stained to reproduce an optical illusion of Mill Creek Ravine. The artist strove to immerse the viewer in a sensory experience – walking along trails wrapped by dense deciduous trees. Extensive mapping techniques were used to plan and organize the more than 8,400 wood “pixels”. Each tells its own story of time, place, and growth – the knots and rings are still visible through the stain. The mural’s construction also has an auditory effect – the different wall thicknesses create “sound pockets” within the space. To fully experience this artwork, it should be viewed with the naked eye and through a camera lens as you walk in front of it.”