“I intend on infiltrating highrises (any office bldg, apartment/condo, hotel, hospital etc., over 3 stories) as a commentary on ownership of air. Once inside, I will scale the centre of the buildings stairwell ascending and descending and will leave a chalk tag of cree syllabics saying: e-kisinawatastihk piyesisak ohci as symbolic evidence of this commentary/ reclamation. I will also use low watt radio equipment to broadcast a variety of audio at selected locations as part of this activity. I do this in order to honour and symbolically re-claim the air above the land where these structures currently exist. It is arrogant of governments to zone that which is not theirs! I do this for the birds – it is still their domain! If you can assist me in gaining entry into any buildings, or if you would like to either climb with me, witness the activity, document or if you have some audio you would allow me to air, please email me: niya@ndnnrkey.net “